History behind the how and why


My story began long ago when my grandfather and his family came to America from Hungary. My great-grandfather, George Weber and his family including my grandfather, Julius, came to America with his eight siblings as immigrants. Like so many others seeking a better life, his family settled in an area where other Countrymen were - Susguenhanna, Pennsylvania. During the late 19th Century,the New York and Erie Railroad had constructed a rail line through the County, where they also built and established workshops to train and employ workers.  


My Grandfather Julius had to leave school before graduating from grammar school and sought work at the railroad as a mechanic to help support his family. Later, he trained as a machinery engineer. It was due to his early skills and talents, combined with a keen mind and strong desire to achieve, that he was prepared to pursue a different path.  


At the age of 16, my Grandpa used his mechanical skills and bought into a small manufacturing company. With one knitting machine designed and programmed to knit fine garments he began the manufacturing of layettes for infants including baby's booties, blankets and hats. Within a very short period of time, he realized the partnership was not going to work so he bought out his partners and that was the beginning of Weber Knit Sportwear - fashion initially focused on knitted layettes for babies. However, with the inception of the war he became a government contractor where Weber Knit Sportswear supplied troops with sweaters and other knitted garments.  



Julius Weber became world known through his skills and knowledge of American and German machinery for knitted outerwear. He was an innovator and visionary, instrumental in bringing the right industry people and components together to make some of the hi-end garments of the times.  


After the war, he progressed into the women's wear market, where he concentrated on various knitted and woven garments for women.  My mother was born around that time and because of her natural charm, he was inspired to create the new line under the label of 'Joan Marie Classics', a stylish sweater line that was carried in some of the finest department stores of the USA - like Saks 5th Avenue, Bloomingdales and many specialty and boutique shops. 


20130312125821_00002AWhile my grandfather was most creative and industrious in the knitter outerwear industry, his reputation for quality goods preceded him. My mother and many of her siblings worked side by side with my grandfather;  however,one aunt and uncle followed in his footsteps and continued the business until the 1970's (when they moved away from manufacturing in America and into different areas of the industry).


Being third generation and carrying the same name as Mom, we have throughout this last decade used our name as part of our business model in our world of Intuitive Life Coaching.


Coming full circle and still receiving messages and guidance from my grandfather, I know that my vision will be recognized around the world as a premium custom design under the label of 'Joan Marie Classics'.


The man behind the dream - JGWIt is my mission to see the legacy of my grandfather carried into the 21st Century with the rebirth of the label'Joan Marie Classics'. Mom and I have worked side by side for over 15 years as writers,lecturers and workshop hosts helping people change their lives by showing them how to make beneficial lifestyle changes from within.


I have a mission and a purpose to fulfill and this project is just a part of my overall dream.  I look forward to interacting with you and your friends either through my programs or by wearing my comfortable yet elegant lounge wear. Like so many of you, I work from a home office and have discovered that wearing my custom designs has allowed me to feel more relaxed and less stressed while at the same time special and confident with an elevated sense of empowerment. I want to share this unique experience and designer lounge wear with you as well.