Introduction to the Inside Scoop

It does matter how you feel on the inside because whether you realize it or not, how we feel determines how we project ourselves to the world.  Too often we tend to bury our feelings and emotions deep within the recesses of our heart and soul until we are either numb to our authentic self or we burst out in anger, sickness and dis-ease within all aspects of our lives.  So many of us have spent a great part of our lives running from the truth but I am here to tell you that it is never to late to release the old and start fresh. Isn't it time for you to life passionately?


 We have a few tips that will help you get started right now so listen up and take heed.  Your authentic self is about to be re-born.


1. Do something small to bring a smile to your face; for example, buy yourself a flower --take a bath surrounded by white rose pedals and add some soft music to soothe your soul


2.  Spend some time in silence and continually ask yourself the question:  Who am I really and what will make me happy?  You may need to write in your journal but I suggest that you simply write –do not read what you write for at least a week.  Then you just might be surprised with the messages that your soul is revealing to you


3. Your personal appearance does matter!  When you look really good your entire physiology shifts and your world is altered for the better.


From one empowered woman to another, I am