Your Pink brocade outfit brought a smile to my face

2013-08-02 21:00:00

I work with my mom just like you and when we met the two Joan Marie’s we were taken back by their genuine and enthusiastic passion for their work and this clothing line. It shows as they work together with great synergy.  

As I was shown a few of their pieces, I was particularly drawn to the pink brocade two-piece lounging set.  It is a luxurious pink garment with rich gold dragons embroidered on the fabric.  At first, I must say I was shy and did not want to try on this piece for fear that it would not fit or enhance my figure.  The emotions that surfaced were insecurity and unworthiness because I wasn’t feeling very beautiful or feminine for that matter.


Joan Marie encouraged me to try it on and I finally gave in and tried on my dream piece—the pink brocade.  The minute I put this on my whole attitude shifted and I had to laugh in the mirror as I saw my face light up!  Something I have not done in a while.


This Pink brocade ensemble changed my self imagine immediately and I felt beautiful and alive.  A smile came across my face and I wanted to prolong my feelings of joy and contentment so I decided to linger in this fabulous garment for a while.  It was wonderful to feel and see the excitement not only of my mom who was in the room with me but also the joy in Joan Marie’s face as we all laughed together.  My energy was shifting right before my eyes.


I wanted to share my experience with all of you because what Joan Marie said was true.  If I hadn’t become willing to branch out and try something new, I would not have enjoyed these moments of awakening and re-birth that I absolutely needed.  There has been something lacking in my life and I wasn’t able to put my finger on it until I wore these pieces and actually felt my shift in energy. I feel like a total woman again and for me that is something to celebrate.


Merissa  Blanco